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Dahlialynn - Dragon Age cutscene Cinematic Design showreel 2010-2012

A compilation of real-time cutscenes and machinima I've designed using the Eclipse engine Dragon Age toolset and peripheral software.

For more info on some of the scenes in this video, please check out my portfolio:


With the exception of coding, textures, modeling and level creation, I was responsible for all camera work, lighting schemes, VFX implementation, music & sound design, staging, mo-cap animation manipulation, storyboarding, project concepts & development, team recruiting, voice acting & direction, video editing, technical implementation and player support.

Software used: DA toolset, FMOD FaceFX, Cubase SX, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, GMax, Blender

Many of the scenes involved online collaboration with modelers, story/screen writers, texture artists, voice artists, script (code) developers, and level designers from the DA modding community.

Music used for this video: Afterglow-Director's Cuts

Длительность: 00:02:27

0 | Язык: Русский | Автор: Dahlialynn | Inku

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