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Dragon age 2 - Hurricane (Fenris & FHawke)

oh god...my first original story with Dragon Age 2 lol

Okay this one was really challenging since I messed around with the story A LOT lol. So it's more like an fiction story and was made to be that way. It could be a bit confusing but it's really expressing my feelings right now so I couldn't do otherwise.

Two couples met while they were chased from Lothering; Hawke/Sebastian and Fenris/Merrill. Unfortunately, Sebastian died before he could get to Kirkwall with the others. Let's just say that Hawke was very frustrated on how she had to killed her loved one because he was corrupted. She blamed herself a lot and then met Anders who was able to teach her magic. But Anders was in a rebellion the free the mages and Hawke at her current state was feeling very vulnerable so she decided to help him...

Meanwhile, Fenris, who was a close friend to Hawke felt how dangerous Anders was so he tried to discourage her from following him. They grew closer in the process and he fell in love with her...but now she was too implicate with Anders to respond to that love...until she realized how dangerous Anders's mission was. So she decided to give back the book to the Arishok but then Anders betrayed her to save his own life...

Fenris got furious on Anders but it was too late...Hawke was no more...it was like the end of the world to him, losing what was a dear friend in the past...and what could have been much more now to him.

I really hope you'll like it smile Leave me a comment that would be very appreciated!

Dragon age belongs to Bioware. The song used is "Hurricane" from 30 seconds to mars (one of my favorite band).

For Bethany's clothes, go here smile

NO copyrights infringements intended.

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