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[Tribute] Dragon Age 2 - BGM: Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

=== NOTICE ===

This video was created only for pure entertainment and tribute to the people behind the game. No profit is made in creating this video. I hope you enjoyed the game and this video as much I did.

==== CREDITS ====

Footage: "Dragon Age 2" (Bioware & EA)
BGM: "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)" by Emily Browning from the movie Suckerpunch

== Other Notes ==

Please press the thumbs up if you like it. Thanks in advance. smile This video aims to tell the story from one of my many characters' in Dragon Age 2. A grim and epic struggle from being a refugee to a respected champion of Kirkwall.


To Bioware for a very dramatic and emotional roller coaster of a game. I wasn't disappointed.
To my brother for suggesting that I should use Emily Browning's version of Sweet Dreams rather than Marilyn Manson when I was already 95% done uploading my previous version (lol). Even if I rushed this version and not being able to sleep for almost 2 days, I think it turned out great.
and to my piggy.

Длительность: 00:05:06

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