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Dragon Age Inquisition: Dual Dagger Tempest Trinity Rogue (Nightmare Hivernal Solo)

Dual Dagger Tempest Trinity Rogue Skill Build:


✥ The Tempest Trinity ✥
To create synergy between all three flasks (Fire, Frost, and Lightning) by cycling through them one after another without delay to trigger the passive Ride the Storm, which adds a 3 second bonus to the next flask's duration. The first flask you activate will not have this bonus.

vs. Freeze Immunity
❅ Flask of Frost → ϟ Flask of Lightning → ✺ Flask of Fire

vs. Freeze Vulnerability
ϟ Flask of Lightning → ❅ Flask of Frost → ✺ Flask of Fire


✺ Flask of Fire
This is the last flask to be activated in all my rotations for the purpose of using multiple consecutive Shadow Strikes (with the Quick Blade upgrade) to repeatedly reduce the cooldown of all flasks used, thereby enabling the Tempest Trinity rotation (the main focus of this build) to be used again as early as possible.

❅ Flask of Frost
vs. Freeze Immunity: Main purpose is to allow Ride the Storm to be triggered on the other two flasks. Although 85% damage reduction is fantastic to have, the 3 second bonus is not necessary as you can always rely on stealth instead to drop threat and avoid damage. Without its freezing effect, Flask of Frost's utility does not warrant the 3 second bonus at the expense of the other two flasks.

vs. Freeze Vulnerability: Main purpose is to repeatedly freeze enemies and set up shatter combos for massive detonation damage. This has potential for higher damage output compared to Flask of Lightning while still being relatively safe from attacks in the form of freezing enemies and high damage reduction. As such, Flask of Frost takes precedence over Flask of Lightning for the 3 second duration bonus.

ϟ Flask of Lightning
The main purpose of this flask is to allow you to dish out uninterrupted punishment on your enemies as they are unable to move or attack for the duration. With the exception of Flask of Frost's effectiveness against freezable enemies, Flask of Lightning is the core of this rotation and should always benefit from Ride the Storm as it is the main source of sustained damage output.

Weapons: http://postimg.org/image/dpl6v4033/

Armor: http://postimg.org/image/wj95cni0x/


This rotation is centered around my dual dagger rogue skill build. If you are an archer or using a different skill build, you just need to apply the Tempest Trinity concept and adjust the rotation accordingly to fit your style.

The Tempest Trinity is by no means the best or easiest rotation.

1. You have to constantly keep track of your flasks' duration to ensure that you activate the next one immediately after the current one ends.
2. Ride the Storm has a very short time window to trigger and the slightest delay in activating the next flask (such as being in the middle of an animation) will cause you to lose the synergy.
3. Flask of Fire's potential tends to be hindered as enemies may move out of range or interrupt you with attacks, leaving you unable to spam damage abilities.

Despite my best efforts to religiously apply the rotation, I often fail to execute it perfectly too. Practice is required to master it properly in all situations, but when it does go right, it proves that the Tempest Trinity can indeed be a truly effective and rewarding way to fight.

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