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Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song - In Uthenera - Elven Ballad COVER with Translation and Lyrics

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Per request, the Elven ballad "In Uthenera" (Leliana's Song) from the game Dragon Age: Origins. This song is completely different from my normal style. It was quite a challenge, and I feel that I did not do it justice. Please forgive all my mistakes. I hope somebody will still like it. ♥ The plushie I'm holding is a Charr kitty from Guild Wars 2. I LOVE KITTIES!!! biggrin

I am playing mandolin, drum, midi-keyboard, and singing 3-part harmony.
Chords used: Dm, Am, C, G, Ab, Cm, Gm, Em, A, and F.

I welcome all your comments, and thank you for taking the time to write them. However, I am unable to reply to them all, so please forgive me if you are left out. I appreciate every one of my viewers.
TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS: If you have sent me an e-mail, and, I have not replied, please forgive me. My inbox is over-loaded, and I just don't have enough hours in the day to do all that I would like to do.

Lyrics: Leliana's Song

Hahren na melana sahlin
Emma ir abelas
Souver'inan isala hamin
Vhenan him dor'felas
In uthenera na revas

Vir sulahn'nehn
Vir dirthera
Vir samahl la numin
Vir 'lath sa'vunin'

English Translation:

Elder your time is come,
Now I am filled with sorrow,
Weary eyes need resting,
Heart has become grey and slow,
In waking sleep is freedom.

We sing, rejoice,
We tell the tales,
We laugh and cry,
We love one more day.

Thanks for watching! ^^
~Destiny Cross~
,,, ^-.-^ ,,,

Длительность: 00:13:02

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