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Calgary, Dragon Age and Donuts!

Here's a link to my Pop Funko Vinyl! No pic up yet: http://www.popcultcha.com.au/bobble-heads-and-pop-vinyl/bobble-heads-and-pop-vinyl/pop-vinyl/supernatural-charlie-exclusive-pop-vinyl-figure.html#.U21i52RDsxk
I write these descriptions as fast as I can when the video is uploading and I had a glitch in making the GORGEOUS custom thumbnail, so I'm hauling ass on this one. 20% left. I had a fried chicken sandwich for lunch that was great going down and for some reason left my mouth tasting like asshole, so I'm trying to wash it away with kale juice, which is a grosser combo, especially since I'm eating a lemon meringue pie at the same time that's as big as my head. Seriously, it is, check my Twitter, it's large and I'm feeling sicker with each bite, but I can't stop eating because it makes the ass taste go away when I chew. Temporarily. This is SO much better than going to brush my teeth. Did anyone watch Penny Dreadful already? I am doing it tonight, and all I want to see is Eva Green in pretty dresses, but from the show description I think there's murder going along with the wardrobe too. I don't like scary movies, in fact, I don't think I've ever seen one all the way through, except for arty ones like Guillermo Del Toro ones, that guy I'll watch any kind of murder for. Oh crap, 5% gotta wrap it up! Word of the week...uh...."wanion". A great misfortune. I bet it's used in Penny Dreadful, because it's a period piece. 'It was a great wanion that Felicia decided to eat an ass chicken sandwich, especially for the guests at her evening BBQ." crap..1 per....c.e.nt...postedddddddd

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