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Dragon Age Fan Music: Copper Marigolds

Lyrics : Fionn
Music : Kei
The video is made from screencaps and official pictures from the Dragon Age 2 game.
Characters and Thedas all belong to Bioware.

Perhaps Aveline heard this song in her childhood, a song that was often sung when soldiers went off to battle and had to leave their loved ones behind.

Away I must go for our fair king calls
For troops of silver by next day's fall
Sing me a prayer, O beloved lady
A wish to the Maker to safekeep me

'Ere the morrow divides us, weep not for me
For here I'll give you marigolds three
Copper everlasting, gold ever bright
For ever in bloom for thy delight

Wait for me but a day and months threescore
If my letters should arrive no more,
Take then the marigolds to bury them
So thee'll marry a new love thence

Only, remember that once I had held
A great love for thee unparalleled.

Note : If you played the whole Aveline and Donnic saga in the game, you might find the video and song funny. I was laughing when I made the video.

Длительность: 00:02:57

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