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[PAX Prime 2013] Bioware - DA: Inquisition 'Behind the Scenes' Panel Clip

0:00 to 1:38 - Answering audience question regarding status effects and combat interactions.
2:01 to 7:11 - Audience question: "What are some of your favourite features and content that you can talk about?"
3:30 Mike Laidlaw discussing new conversation ability to choose whether or not to participate in conversations.
4:42 Luke Kristjanson confirming this new conversation ability will give the player character the option to interact with party banter.
6:50 Melanie Fleming loves what the audio team is doing.

7:12 to 11:55 - Audience question regarding codex entries.
9:00 Item descriptions in Dragon Age 2 were too stealthy.
9:27 Mark Darrah providing an example of why sometimes it's better to get information through the codex instead of dialogue.
10:08 Mike Laidlaw introduces RING 'Random Item Name Generator'. Melanie Fleming provides interesting information regarding translation and localization for RING.

11:58 to 12:50 - Panelists coax Josh [Langley?] on stage and share an anecdote.

Длительность: 00:13:01

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