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Dragon Age 2 - Is this worth dying for? (Tribute to Isabela)

Hey everyone, after such amazing feedback for my Anders tribute - here now a little video about Isabela.
It was a little difficult to get the right footages, because I have the bug, that she doesn't show up in Act 2 before duelling the arishok. I got her quest "Questioning Beliefs" after she runs for the relic and dissappears. :/
A friend of mine gave me the missing videostracks - so unfortunately the sound of a few parts is a bit low and is probably not my usual resolution. I can´t do it better under this conditions. Maybe after a new walkthrough I will replace them. So please have mercy wink

I hope you like this one! Please comment and vote smile

Music: "Uprising" by Apples & Oranges Music
Footage: Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age belongs to EA and BioWare. This was made only for fun and I don't profit from this.

Длительность: 00:02:34

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