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Dragon Age 2 - I will not be controlled (Tribute to Anders)

First I wanted to make a simple tribute video to Anders......but....

...it turns out - that this time it isn't about his usual hate against templars.
It rather tells a story about his inner conflict with Justice.
How he fights to repress vengeance, anger and his dark passenger to save his love and life against all odds. I'm a girl - have mercy with my romantic fantasies. :-p

I wanted to express his self-doubt, fear and helplessness. This was my first impresson of Anders in Dragon Age 2.

I think I will do another video about him - this time there will be no fragile Anders at all, I promise! *raarrr* *sigh* biggrin

Please enjoy this little video and comment if you like. It is much appreciated!

Note: Here is no place for Anders-Haters. smile It is a tribute video! Constructive criticism on the other hand is most welcome!

Music: "Mars" by Nick Ingman & Terry Devine-King
Footage: Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age belongs to EA and BioWare.This was made only for fun and I don't profit from this.

Длительность: 00:03:30

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