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Dragon Age Origins Dance Party!

I know slightly late but I still want to wish you guys a Happy New Year and thank you for all the love and support so far, here's to another year in the Coven!

Elizabeth Cousland the Invisible Blade (Hence why my rogue is in light armour and plus DnD Class Pack FTW) has got the team together to celebrate the New Year with an awesome dance party at the Gnawed Noble before taking it back to camp...Enjoy the sillyness!

Mods Used :

Dance Party by Firinneach
Dragon Age Redesigned
Grey Wardens of Ferelden
Improved Atmosphere
Qunari Update

Song : Powerman 5000 - Do Your Thing

All copyright belongs to Bioware, EA and the awesomesauceness of the mighty Powerman 5000...they own everything including my soul...

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